Senator Aliyu Wamakko, representing Sokoto North in the Upper Chambers of the National Assembly has boasted that in a few days the people will know which party is in control of Sokoto State.
The Senator said this in reaction to the recent defection of Governor ALiyu Tambuwal of Sokoto State from the APC to the PDP. Wamakko was speaking during an interview with NTA News.
Before becoming a senator in 2015, Wamakko was governor of Sokoto State from 2007-2015 and was succeeded by Tambuwal. In the said interview, Wamakko insisted that Sokoto is “solidly APC”.
He said “Let me assure you that the Sokoto state where I come from is an APC state. The entire state is solidly APC. Insha Allah by Saturday or Sunday when I get back to Sokoto, you will see who is really in charge of Sokoto. I am assuring you that there is no cause for alarm.
“Whatever you might have seen or might have been told, just take it as a mere story. What I am sure is that Sokoto state is solidly an APC state. The people of Sokoto are solidly behind Mr President, General Muhammadu Buhari, they are certainly behind Wamakko, their senator and their former governor, they are solidly behind all the other senators and house of assembly members who remain to stay with APC.”

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